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What is osteoporosis and how can Pilates and the Buff Bone Method help?


Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease of the bones in which bone density decreases. It usually affects older people, especially women after menopause. Due to their lower estrogen levels, bone tissue is broken down and bones are less capable of regenerating.

Osteoporosis causes more unstable bones, which is why the risk of injury is significantly higher in those affected. For many patients, this also increases their fear of falling, which often results in uncertainties in everyday life. Possible degenerative changes in the spine worsen posture and can lead to cramps and severe pain. Avoiding exercise is the wrong way to go, however, because the bones need the pressure that regular exercise creates to prevent them from deteriorating even further.

Improved muscle strength and coordination, as well as improved balance, help prevent osteoporosis, or improve symptoms of an existing condition.

That's where Pilates and the Buff Bone Method comes in:

  • Bones are strengthened by regular pressure and tension during physical activity, and bone metabolism is stimulated. 

  • Muscle building: Muscles support your bones in your posture. So building muscles helps you stay stabilized and improves your balance. Strong muscles act by pulling on the bone, which is also strengthened as a result.

  • Train coordination and balance: This will also help you move more safely in everyday life and avoid falls better.

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