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Ruth Locher

I was born in Basel and also went to school here in Basel. 

In 1992 I began my education and training as a physiotherapist and upon completion of this training, I immediately started working with neurological and orthopedic patients in a rehabilitation clinic; sometime after I moved on to work as a manual therapist within a private physiotherapy practice in Basel. In the context of my work as a physiotherapist I discovered my particular interest and fascination for fascia and their relevance in the recovery and rehabilitation of the physical body, and my motivation and drive to assist, train and enable a human being to re-discover a way of life free from physical pain and stress.

Through my subsequent additional training as a Pilates CPM instructor ( I was later on in life able to close an important professional learning cycle that today enables me to help my clients to get well, recover and feel fit, by applying a well-rounded, holistic and integrated therapy and training approach. This approach combines my traditional physiotherapy knowledge and skills with my hands-on Pilates knowledge and skills, and applies a long-term and sustainable perspective for the client . My training programmes are consistently tailor-made to the specific needs and desires of each and every client.

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